fill so your followers can get to know you

1. state your name: Timmothy
2. state the name that your parents almost named you: Sebastian
3. which of your relatives do you get along with the most? My brothers
4. what was your first job? Server at a retirement homer

5. did anything embarrassing happen this week? Almost missed work?
6. do you miss your ex? I hope she’s doing well, but I don’t miss the relationship.
7. white chocolate or dark chocolate? Dark
8. do people praise you for your looks? Exclusively by my girlfriend and older ladies at the retirement home I work in, haha.
9. what is your favorite color of clothing to wear? brown or black 
10. how do you wear your makeup? I dunno, she hasn’t dressed me up yet?
11. what are some of your nicknames? Anything that starts with a T.
12. how many bedrooms are in your house? 3 bedroom apartment?
13. how many bathrooms? One
15. do you have a car? Nope
16. do you work out every week? I walk to and from work, and then walk for 2-3 hours at work, so I guess?
17. did you brush your teeth this morning? It is morning, so not yet.
18. have you ever kissed someone you never saw again? Like kiss once then never see again, nope.
19. have you ever sung in front of a crowd? yes
20. what kind of bathing suit do you wear? Shorts? I don’t swim much.
21. do you like your eyes? They are eyes, I guess, they’re useful. 
22. do you think you are pretty? I’m told I am?
23. who was the last person you talked to in person? Faron.
24. how much money in your bank account? $94 and rent is almost due, hahaha.
25. are you single? no
26. do you want kids? At some point, check #24 first.
27. tell me what your backpack looks like: I have a laptop bag?
28. what celebrity do you think is hot? Mary Elizabeth Winstead 
29. last movie you saw in theaters: Life Of Pi?
30. are you dating the same person you dated last year? Indeed
31. has someone you were dating ever cheated on you? yep
32. have you ever cheated? nope.
33: have you kissed someone whose name starts with a ‘J’ Nope
34: what do you like to do in your spare time? Watch Top Gear, play video games, eat, sleep, in that order.
35: what’s the cutest thing someone’s ever done for you? Date me, haha
36: who was the last person you texted? My lovely Emma
37: how many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? 4 I think?
38: how do you look right now? Like a fucking mess, as usual.
39: who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”? #36, and my mom and brothers.

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